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CWC Committees

Sr.No Committee Members Objective
1 HSE 1. Mr D.K Baral(Member Secretary) President Uran Plant
2. T C Dewangan - President Jodhpur
3. Dr Atin Mandal-President Kolkata
4. Mr. B K Mech -Vice President Nazira
5. Mr. Kiran Korra-Secretary Rajahmundry
6. Mr. B B Shuklbaidya-Secretary Silchar
7. Mr. A V Patel-Jt. Secretary Mehsana
8. Mr. Anup Gavaskar Vice President Mumbai

Safe operations are major concern for offshore and onshore installations & plants. In the recent past there has been number of accidents due to unsafe operations, lack of safety systems and non-adherence to SOPs.

Committee shall examine current operational practices and deficiencies and shall submit suggestions for improvement of safe operations and policy on PPE.

Time Period: 45 days

2 Review of Asto Constitution 1. Mr. A K Sinha(Member Secretary)-President Ankleshwar
2. Mr. P N Pathak-President Mumbai
3. Mr. Sanjay Varshney -Vice President AMD
4. Mr. S S Mayal-President Agartala
5. Mr. S K Srivastava-Secretary Mumbai
6. Mr. Anuj Kumar Goyal-Joint Secretary Delhi
7. Mr. Nitin Kumar Dy. DLA, CBM Asset

Committee shall examine and analyze the existing ASTO constitution and suggest the modifications to make it more effective and relevant to current organizational needs, changing times and aspirations of members

Time Period: 30 days

3 Issues related to Pay Anomaly 1. Mr. Ajay Singh Rawat(Member Secretary)-President Dehradun
2. Mr. Bharat Chavda-Vice President Ankleshwar
3. Mr. Avanish Shukla-Secretary Vadodara
4. Mr. Biswajit Sarkar-Secretary Agartala
5. Mr. Deepak Dohre-Treasurer
6. Mr. Amit Pradhan-Secretary Mehsana
7. Mr. Vivek Singh-Joint Secretary

Pay Anomalies/disparities are observed with reference to pay revisions of 2007/17 including E1 level officers. These are causing wide spread dissatisfaction amongst the officers.

Committee shall examine such anomalies and disparities, find its root cause and suggest the solution and methodology to resolve.

Time Period: 30 days

4 Field Allowances 1. Mr. Shankar Saran(Member Secretary)-President Kakinada
2. Mr. P N Pathak-President Mumbai
3. Mr. Varun Singh Poonia-Jt. Secretary Ankleshwar
4. Mr. Anupam Chetia-Jt. Secretary Nazira
5. Mr. A R Mohan Kumar- President Karaikal
6. Mr. Ashish Chauhan-Jt. Secretary Dehradun
7. Mr. Alok Verma-Vice President Rajahmundry

After 2017 pay revision the hard duty and other allowances specific to employees posted at field(Offshore/Onshore) are discontinued and there is major dissatisfaction amongst the employes.

Committee shall examine provisions of pay revisions and polices being followed by other PSUs and suggest the measures to start field allowances at the earliest.

Time Period: 30 days