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Current Central Working Committee

Sr.No CWC Post Name Office Bearer
1 President CWC Amit Kumar President-Delhi
3 Working President K N Chudasama Off. President-Mehsana
4 Vice President CWC P N Pathak President-Mumbai
6 General Secretary Sanjay Varshney Secretary-Ahmedabad
7 Advisor to President CWC Bharat Chavda President-Ankleshwar
8 Addl. General Secretary Shanker Sharan President-Kakinada
9 Addl. General Secretary S D Barman President-Kolkata
10 Addl. General Secretary T C Dewangan President-Jodhpur
11 Addl. General Secretary Amit Pradhan Secretary-Mehsana
12 Addl. General Secretary S K Srivastava Secretary-Mumbai
13 Addl. General Secretary Mahesh K Pareek Secretary-Delhi
14 Organizing Secretary-CEC B K Mech Off. President-Nazira
15 Organizing Secretary-PR Deepak Bhatnagar Vice President-Delhi
16 Organizing Secretary-Onshore Vivek Singh Jt. Secretary-Ahmedabad
17 Organizing Secretary-Offshore Varun Khandelwal Jt. Secretary Offshore-Mumbai
18 Jt. Secretary-CWC A K Jha President-Cambay
20 Jt. Secretary-CWC Ivan Hazarika Secretary-Nazira
21 Jt. Secretary-CWC Jyoti Rana Jt. Secretary-Mumbai
22 Jt. Secretary-CWC(Youth Affairs) Anupam Chetia Jt. Secretary-Nazira
23 Jt. Secretary-CWC(PR) Sudha Gupta Treasurer-Delhi
24 Treasurer-CWC Ashish Chauhan Jt. Secretary-Dehradun
25 Regional Vice President K Bhaskaran President-Chennai
26 Regional Vice President V N Jaiswal Secretary-Cambay
27 Regional Vice President Rajan Bhatt President-Goa
28 Regional Vice President D G Surani Vice President- Ahmedabad
29 Regional Vice President A M Khatri Secretary-Ankleshwar
30 Regional Vice President Rajeev Tewari Vice President - Hazira
32 Regional Secretary B S Hayong President-Silchar
33 Regional Secretary Biswajit Sarkar Secretary- Agartala
34 Regional Secretary-HSE P M Suresh Vice President-Karaikal
35 Regional Secretary Dr. S. Sangole Treasurer-Mumbai
36 Regional Secretary M Ganesh Jt. Secy &Treasurer-Kakinada
37 Regional Jt. Secretary C T Joseph Jt. Secy &Treasurer-Kolkata
38 Regional Jt. Secretary Gopal Das Sadh Secretary-Jodhpur
39 Regional Jt. Secretary Dr. A K Dwivedi President-Bokaro
40 Regional Jt. Secretary Pawan Singh Jt. Secretary- Vadodara
41 Regional Jt. Secretary Rajesh Kaboo Secretary-Hazira
42 Regional Joint Secretary(Onshore Operations) Rakesh Bhatia Jt. Secretary –Gandhar
43 Regional Jt. Secretary Ambrish Tripathi Secretary - Jorhat
44 Member-CWC D B Gupta President-Uran
45 Member-CWC R M Gulwe Jt. Secretary - Uran